6 April 2011

Almost finished: Dad's Biggest Zig

I've been having such a good time with the finishing of the project, adding a few rows, sandwiching and quilting it ...:

Auditioning the Bottom Row - not liking it! Auditioning the Bottom Row - better, but not convinced Back too small
Lots and lots of masking tape "Butter" "Jelly"
Pinning, pinning and more pinning The Sandwich Detail of Quilting II
Detail of Quilting III We were a blouse once Talk about a career change

Top: Hate it - OK, that's better - onto the backing (too short)
2: Taping it down - "Butter" - "Jelly"
3: Pins, pins, more pins - Sandwich, "jelly down" - Quilting
4: Details - We were a blouse once - Career Change: binding

PS: Notice how there is no border? Yup, it got dropped ...

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