26 February 2005

Moving right along ....

I am relatively pleased with the way this is turning out, though I anticipate that the recipient will have graduated college by the time I finish.

I've again added a few links, some of which I found through Kate's Perspective, which I love reading.

18 February 2005

Sick of the old lay-out

I quickly grew sick of the "old new" lay-out and am back to the original one now. Also, I picked up my quilting again last night. Sure sign that I'm on the road to recovery.

17 February 2005

Anna knits (I don't at the moment)

but since I refered to her, this is the site:
Anna Knits

Getting back on track ...

now that I've been ill for a week (have not been ill for a week for as long as I can remember, seriously) and to demostrate my getting-back-on-track-ness, I am posting photos:

Ta dah: my first ever quilt:

And the pile of fabric for my next project:

Now I'm planning on introducing progress bars à l'Anna knits. We shall see when I'm getting that accomplished.