10 May 2010

Google Reader, Blog Following and other random thoughts

I currently have 60 subscriptions in my google reader, all of them quilting related. This was to replace the list of blogs and sites I had on my blog and I used to love following all the different quilters.

But now I'm beginning to feel overwhelmed by all the ideas, photos and inspiration. Also, not every blog feeds properly so that in my Google reader app in iGoogle, I only see a bit of text and the occasional advert.

This is all leading me to wonder: how many blogs / quilters do you really follow?

I think I will toss out the majority and only keep those that I have been following for a really long time and those I feel are really inspirational to me. That may well mean my culling 75% of my list ...

Edited to add: I'm down to 17 now ... once I get my flickr photos from your contacts app up and running again, I will be able to see all them lurvely pics without having to wade through all those posts. (insert sigh of relief!)


imquilternity said...

I follow over 1000 blogs, not all quilting, but some photography, cooking, craft, and knitting blogs. Obviously, I never get a chance to read all of them. There are a few I try to read every day but sometimes even that is difficult. I agree with you though. All that creativity is a bit overwhelming and confusing. I also find myself reading about other peoples lives instead of living my own. I commend you for being able to purge!

Heather Acton said...

I'm following too many right now, too. 80 quilting blogs plus I follow several crafting and arts and cooking blogs as well. I need to do some thinning. I typically stop following blogs that don't provide a full feed (meaning that you have to actually go right to the blog to see what the post is about) no matter how good the blog is. It's just too much many clicks, hence time.

And besides, I have quilting to do!!!