22 November 2006

Did I say: two out of three?

Wrong, it's three out of three!!! Due in April, June and July.

As for all the ideas, thank you so much! I'm not much of a themed fabric person but the suggestion with four patch and uni gave me an idea that I ran with for a while. Then I had my own idea (squares, see below) that was quickly substituted by Carol ... I will make a big star, just one and line the whole thing with a fleece blanket.

This will also be the backing of choice for the baby quilt for our April baby. I've had safari themed fabric (did I actually say: I'm not much of a themed fabric gal?), namely two returns of desert animals, a sandy desert print and a grassy pampas print. I'll do a design and post it as soon as I get my Christmas act together!


Sean Carter said...

Safari themed fabric sounds quite exciting!!For some more unique ideas you can jus peep into my Holiday Blog....

Carol said...

How exciting that I somehow inspired an idea in you! I love that!