28 February 2008

Prairie Points

Oh boy ... what a project: I decided on Prairie Points as a border for the dragon quilt because they seemed sufficiently dragon-ey. So I set out to prep my fabric, cutting squares from the left-over fabric used on the actual creature.

Now math is a difficult thing ... because I didn't get the numbers right. And now have a serious wad of squares left over. Maybe I'll make a matching cushion cover with a solid centre and more PPs ...

Then I discovered that there is another very good use for my handsome easel that my husband gave me for Christmas:

But since when does a rectangle have six sides?

I will spend a few hours on the floor again, attempting to assemble the back to fit the front. Then I will hopefully dare to assemble the front for fusing and machining. That is a vrrrry daunting prospect. But at least with all those different colours already on spools, changing colours in my sewing machine will not be quite as bad.

I wonder what I am going to do once this is complete?

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