8 March 2008

Mending a certain duck - again

Currently there is no time to quilt at Casa Dot because I am mending a certain and much loved duck. ...

She is in a relatively sorry state. The terrycloth used for her cover-all survived about three decades in my grand-parents violently pink and burgundy bathroom ... until it became a duck garment and was loved to pieces in about 15 months.

The back is relatively ok still and I am quite proud of the obvious assemblage.

I found some relatively terry-clothy-feely fabric that I am hoping will hold up better. With a pencil and a very patient feathered patient I traced all the pieced I needed, cut them using a monsterously large pair of scissors ... and began sewing them together by machine ...

... only to rip it all apart again and start over ... and rip it apart again and put it away in frustration.

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