26 February 2007

Baby Quilt 1: lay-out done

With the "help" of my girls, I've finalised the lay-out on the first baby quilt. As the discerning reader will notice, it is still lacking the "pampa" fabric, which is yellow and earmarked for the centre. It was off to be ironed, back today, and will now determine the actual size of my oeuvre, together with the yellow fleece.


Helen said...

What a great idea to put the animals on the border like that.

Chloe said...

That's looking wonderful! I personally like just using fleece for backing baby quilts - it's soft, warm & washes well :-)

Rose Marie said...

You've given me a new idea on what to do with those pre-printed blocks/panels. Would never have thought of placing them like this. Looking forward to seeing the rest!