7 March 2005

The lay-out's done!

The individual images will be applied to individual patches that will then be patches together according to this layout. In the middle there will be a quilted "centrepiece" in an Indian-of-sorts (as in the country, not the Native Americans) design which I have yet to find. There will also be quilting around each applied image. So no sashing ...

Update: I've hopefully found a source for the centre piece:

I already have their book on Art Nouveau designs and though it is quite slim, it's packed with designs for all kinds of purposes. All are just black and whites therefore ideal for quilting and loads of other endeavours.

I will now have to iron it all so that I can take the patches on "hols" with me.


Brit said...

That is so striking!!!

Mrs. Mel said...

I would like to email you instructions on fusing, so please contact me.
Melody Johnson