12 October 2010

Retreat Report

It's already been more than a week since I've been back from Herrenalb but I can report that it's been a great looong weekend. The Lady who Organises it did a very good job again at keeping everybody happy and everything ticking over nicely.

I've been lucky enough to share a table with experienced quilters who really know what they are doing and so it's been a good learning experience as well as a productive four days.

First on my agenda was a baby quilt called "Kai's Fruity Zoo" for my friend's son due next month:

Kai's Fruity Zoo - pinned and ready for hand quilting

This was really good fun to make because I planned very little other than taking black'n'white print outs of blocks posted a few weeks ago. Basically, I just went with the flow, had no plan and no process. And I really like the resulting top which has actually progressed much further than above picture implies. It's now quilted and just needs its binding putting on with one last line of quilting.

I also spend a lot of time on other projects like this one which will be a Zig Zag baby quilt when it's done:

early bird

and on this Disappearing Nine Patch:


It's quite Christmassy in colours, I just don't know what to make of it yet. But the individual blocks came together so quickly - I currently have 49 - that I may well make more with the "left-over" fabric I acquired.

And while we're on that seasonal topic, I can also show you this:

Red Star Christmas

These will be candle mats, one to be donated to a charity auction, the other as a pressie for my mum.

Then I worked on a wall or door hanging for another baby boy:

RGL - in nautical flags

He recently arrived and supposedly those flags above are nautical alphabet flags spelling his initials R - G - L. This one needs a back, two hooks or something similar for hanging and some minor quilting.

And I swear I was good and spend some time with this monster:

4 down, ten to go ...

I think I finished another five or six of them large white sections. But it's a long way to go still.

Then obviously, much time was spend chatting, perusing the offerings of our favourite local quilt shop as well as the cross stitching shop.

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orchidlover said...

What a lot you got done at your retreat. I love the baby quilts

Love and hugs Gina xxx