6 April 2006

"No" is a complete sentence.

Use it.

That's one piece of advice from Oprah.com that I need to learn to heed!!! I keep on piling stuff on my plate in order to be supportive and not let people down, in the name of "good vibes" etc. And it's sucking me dry.

I also need to learn how to say "no" to the constant lure of the web, on which I spend way too much time instead of actually living my life.

Said, done, logged off ;-)


cher said...

good advice...see you back after some time living your life :-)

Sharon said...

Ah yes, the NO is such a neglected part of our life, eh? I use a timer when I am at the computer, so I don't get "lost" in my on-line world. As in all other things, moderation is a good thing for us to remember.

And knitting, too!

Holly said...

Finding the right balance can be a challenge. It's good you are taking time out for yourself.

Sharon said...

But I hope you aren't saying NO to bloggin. I miss seeing some of your posting, and I hope all is well!

ForestJane said...

so... did the "logged off" bit mean that you're finally saying NO to blogging and it stuck?