1 July 2011

Meanwhile being mulled over in my head ...

Bauhaus Inspired Quilt

Friends of ours inquired a while back when (yes, when!?) they would get a quilt!? Seeing how they are building a new house in Bauhaus style, this seems as good an opportunity as any. But the design choices, oh, the choices ... so I surfed the web and came across the above by Orangebird242.

Because my friends are not really Bauhaus kinda people and love Edward Hopper, I thought I'd stick with Hopper-esque colours of blues and greys but arrange all in a Bauhaus-esque design. And ei, presto, my first real excuse to order Kona Solids. But someone something went wrong when I chose the colours:

Colour choices

On screen (and on the print-out of the shop), they go together really well, in real life: not so much! Argh! Back to square one then, eh?

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