20 May 2006

We're interrupting this project ...

for an urgent present. It's Carola's birthday is a few weeks' time and she has been campaigning - quite vigorously, I might add - for a bunk bed of sorts. It's actually a raised bed she's after with crawl space underneath. Since her toddler bed is lovely - and was quite pricey - we've vetoed this idea. So now the toddler bed wants "dressing up"!

I've bought a mosquito net at IKEA - handy because in the summer she gets stung on occasion - and will decorate it in a "princess-ly" way. There have also been requests of stars and such things so I need to figure out how to fashion stars to be dangling from the net - matching, no less, the rather pink theme revolving around the bed. Anyone heard of pink stars?

Anyway, since the Princess is out shopping with her dad, I thought I'd get a head start ... Will post fotos as soon as I get motivated enough to drag out the camera.


ForestJane said...

Have you thought about the little plastic glow-in-the-dark stars you can buy? They come in pink and other pastel colors:


Dawn said...

Oh I think your ideas sound great. And I think Pink stars will be beautiful!

Can you find bed risers in Germany? You could still use the same bed but raise it up?

They make some that are taller, but this is kind of the idea...

Dawn said...

Hmm, I lost my comment post... Anyway I was saying the princess bed sounds beautiful and I think pink stars would be lovely. I like Forest Jane's idea of the glow in the dark ones!

Have you thought of bed risers? They can raise her bed up and then you can still have the same bed? Not sure where you can find them in Germany but this is what they are like: