8 March 2010

Endlessly frustrated!

After almost a fortnight of involuntary abstinence, I returned to my sewing machine last night to continue stippling Caroline's Objects. With Shevvy's advice (stitch length = zero!), I checked the bobbin, the tension, I changed needles (the old one being as blunt as a cross stitch needle, oooops!) and went to work. And failed. Miserably. At times it appears the top thread is not catching the bottom thread. And at other times, the top thread simply rips. "At times" meaning about every inch or so.

So I decided to pack it all in and take my girl to the shop for a check-up. Because her performance got worse and worse over the past few weeks, a good clean and oil should do the trick, I hope.

Meanwhile I have two hand projects, finishing up "In the Pink" and the second granny square blanket. This should keep me busy!

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