1 July 2010

V&A: Quilts: 1700 - 2010

I've just got back from my trip to England, mostly for work, but I managed to sneak in lunch with my dear friend Caroline (new owner of Caroline's Objects) as well as a visit to the Quilt Exhibit at the V&A.

The Victoria & Albert Museum is the largest museum of Art & Design in the world and absolutely stunning. If you're ever in London, do visit.

The exhibition showed a great variety of works, grouped by themes like expression of opinion and thought or making money. The themes allowed for different perspectives on quilting and the resulting pieces as well as making me reflect why I personally quilt.

Obviously, the exhibition was heaving with quilters, commenting and critiqueing, and the odd son attempting to discuss exhibits with his mum, poor fellow having to listen to her shooting down his every attempt to engage with the material on show and his stroppy companion.

There were several works I enjoyed best, especially one called "Punctuation" by Sara Impey. Read more on her by going to Quiltart.org.uk/SaraImpey. Also very interesting were the two works by Jo Budd called Male/Winter and Female/Summer.

Another thing I took away from the show is that nobody cares 150 years on whether your corners line up. Also: not all of the hand quilting was up to scratch. This may have had to do with bad lighting ... and is oddly comforting. I will never rip out hand quilting again because the stitches are not-small-enough or too-wonky.

Obviously, I paid a visit to the museum shop (not that I could avoid it, upon exiting the quilt show, you are automatically led into the shop) and came away with a small loot, mainly Liberty Art designed fabric:

If you want some of that goodness for yourself, simply go to the museum online shop.

If you like to read more about the exhibit, go to Sneaky Magpie's website. I don't know why she was allowed to take photos ... but then it was a relief to not have to worry about that and just enjoy the works.

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