27 July 2010

Auditioning the backing for a Night on the Tiles

I admit that I have been stalling ... again. The main reason is that I wasn't happy with the backing I had planned earlier.

While it is nice in its simplicity and "drama", I don't think it goes at all with the front or the planned quilting. But I didn't know how to remedy the situation ... that is until I realised that I had well over 5 yards of Victorian-esque cream coloured from an online shopping spree about 18 months ago. And as you can see in the top image, it goes well with the rest of the quilt. I don't mind that it is darker than the front. And I am hoping that a simple backing will show off the hand quilting to (relative) perfection.

Now, will I get it done in time for this year's quilt retreat? I'm not too sure about that!

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