31 July 2007

Turning Twenty? Turning Sixty, more like ...

Well, I'm guessing I'll be fast approaching senior citizenship before this one's done:

My stop-gap quilt is fully assembled and quilted, now I'm busy fixing all the messes I've made, mainly from not cutting right. One block got hacked off and because I didn't have enough fabric, I had to re-attached what I cut off:

To cover the cut, I've decided to embellish with Bohemian beads that I get off ebay. Purchased another whole lot on Monday and it arrived by Tuesday, ebay on speed, basically.

And then there are some parts where the seams are unravelling, again from not measuring properly before cutting. I'll also experiment a little with fabric flowers or petals, we'll see.

In that sense, it's a good project, I can pick it up in between other projects and fiddle around with the beads. Only problem is my posture when beading, I seem to bend over to see properly and reach the beads. Must work on that too.


reverse auction said...

Nice to see someone making a go of it mixing old world flair with new world technology.

Malagueta said...

I love the idea of hiding the seams with the beads! So creative.