22 July 2007

Harrison's Friendly Dragon Quilt

Harrison is my first godchild, son to my younger daughter's godmother - and obviously very good friend. He's English and with Saint George being the Patron Saint of all Things English, and Harrison being a boy, a Friendly Dragon theme seems quite fitting ...

I've searched high and low for the perfect dragon and finally came across one in a colouring book last year. The above lot didn't make the cut, but this one did:

all ready for copying though onto non-stick baking sheets, that little boy is Harrison, by the way.

The result and my little helper, Ms Chatterbox.

This is a close-up of my "design" which will now be copied and blown-up - hopefully not beyond recognition ... I've also broken out all the fabric purchased for this quilt and laid it out sort of in the way it'll be once finished. I'm hoping to add prairie points as a border. The backing will be light blue fleece and a dark blue frame to hold the whole thing stable. There will be minimal quilting. I might add some blades of grass around the dino!

1 comment:

kristin L said...

This is going to be adorable!! I love the idea of a prairie point border. It will go so well with the dragon's pointy bits :-)