19 July 2007

Another one bites the dust ...

well, we've kicked out another aupair ... who apparently thought getting her parcel out of customs was more important than doing her job, such as picking up my 5-year-old from school on time. And then she got snotty and hung up the phone on me. So out she went ... Those weren't the first problems we've had. She's put enormous mileage on our car and used the phone excessively - which in itself are solvable problems. But her relationship with hygiene and the truth were rather casual. She only did the absolute minimun at the absolutely last minute and after about a zillion reminders. She was discourteous and generally disinterested in making an effort. Funnily enough, her profile at the aupair website says: "I am dependable and accurate" - true, you can depend on her to be lazy and grumpy but she's very accurate at making sure she does work the tiniest bit beyond the absolut minimum.

While most of my environment is still in shock and awe, I'm in a really good mood because now I don't have to face a moody and grumpy face every morning, trying to be sunny and smiley when I'm not a morning person myself.

In fact, I'm so worry-free that I've decided to ignore all deadlines on Baby Quilt No 3 and go back to work on Turning Twenty. Will post results soon.

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Lynn Dykstra said...

I look forward to seeing this in fabric!