13 January 2005

Show Time ;-)

This is my first quilt, well, the first top I ever did. It's a sampler made entirely of 9 and 12 patch blocks in cotton fabric, solid yellow, blue check and red check (do I need to point out that the red fabric *bleeds*, argh?).

It will be a 1m * 2m bed spread for my elder daughter.

Edited to add: I will re-attempt to hand-quilt this monster, purely because I was hoping to receive wadding in the post but didn't which means I cannot start a new project but must finish an old one. Thankfully I went out the other week and got myself some sunshine yellow quilting yarn. So maybe it will be a joyous experience.

1 comment:

Lisa said...

Hi...this is Lisa from Too Crafty For My Own Good. I saw your comment and will be glad to email you a copy of the pattern. Please send an email to thsgrl@direcway.com and I'll get one out to you. Your blog looks great. I just discovered the world of blogging in December and am playing catch up too.

Regarding the red fabrics...aren't they a pain sometimes the way they bleed. I find red fabric I love all the time and after washing I'm really disappointed with some of them.