24 January 2005

Off to a new project:

using 100% cotton fabric, all from IKEA, I will make a baby quilt for my second daughter (not that first daughter's bedspread is anywhere near finished but she will not need it until she is much older whereas this one is meant for playing on so will be used now).

I'm using a floral on cream pattern together with vivid stripes for the border and fabric from old bed linen as the backing (detecting a pattern here? bed linen?). There will be no patchworking in this project, just quilting along the pattern using a light blue yarn. The assembly will be done using my trusted Janome because I cannot be asked to sew so many straight lines.

I'm really excited about this project as I love the vivid colours of the fabric. Will add pictures as soon as poss.


Brit said...

I can't wait to see pictures! Can you tell me about the Quilt Around? I've been pursuing it but don't quite have the concept down...thanks.

Lisa said...

Hope you post the photos soon, I'd love to see the quilt. Did you get the Star Chain pattern I emailed to you?

Dorothee said...

Brit, I've found Quilt-Around elsewhere and have not really had a proper look at it yet - too little time! One has to pop the html onto their site when applying, which I have and have, so let's see what becomes of it.

If you have your own site (which I can't seem to find), can you post the link so that I can refer? Ta (as they say in the North)!

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