19 January 2005

Oh, the addiction!

My new drug: not books, not CDs, no, fabric! I am currently into buying bed linen as it is much cheaper than "proper" patchwork fabrics and usually 100% cotton. Now I'll have to pray that hubby doesn't find my stash. I may therefore have to alter my list of un-started projects but time will tell.

Next job is to find out about flame-retardant wadding/batting. The one I saw yesterday goes up in flames in a literal instant. Not suitable for a baby blankie ... sigh! Plus it could be fluffier.

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Brit said...

That's right lady! I never bought into that 100 % cotton poop. I use what I like, after all as long as you match the weights of fabric things are fine, and there are plenty of heirlooms that aren't 100% cotton. Quilts are for you, not for the cotton snobs! Great picture of your quilt!