7 January 2011

New Year's Resolutions 2011

Just like every Christmastime, I contemplated whether or not to have New Year's Resolutions ... and this year I have decided on the following:
  • More finishes!

  • Waste less time on the internet and spend more time working on enjoyable projects

  • Spend more time on myself and take better care of me

  • Quilting and other crafts are a very good outlet for me to release stress and also to retreat into something that's just for me, at least until that project is finished. We'll see how far I'll get.

    Last year, I finished the following:
    My 2010

    Kai's Fruity Zoo - The Pink Zig - Computer Music Quilt - In the Pink
    Caroline's Objects - Crocheting Madness 4 - Table Runner for Sandra - Rafe's Flag - Candle Mats - The Vague Heart - Christmassy guest towels

    There are still a few tea towels from a recent Spoonflower design contest floating around the house but I'm hoping to have those bound and packed for sending off really soon.

    Now off to new projects and more finishes!

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    orchidlover said...

    good luck

    Love and hugs Gina xxx