16 January 2011

It pays to have a think before you cut!

and in other news, water is wet!

My dad has been dropping hints as big as concrete bolders that he wants a quilt. It's actually really nice to be asked for such a personal and somewhat womanly gift by a definite alpha male. Now, the recipient is a physicist with a distinct taste for the no-frill. He's also very traditional in the sense that he appreciates heirlooms and such. But which pattern?

At first I pondered the Maths quilt pattern. But it's square and my dad is tall, making this a huge monster. Then I was clueless ... and finally I settled on a scrappy zig quilt.

So off I went to audition my blue fabric ...

Auditioning blues

... and found it all very bland ...

First round ...

... only to find that I probably had enough of the darker blue solid:

Final choice

... but then couldn't bring myself to start cutting. I dislike this step of the process, I find it fiddly and tiresome. Also I'm cheap when it comes to blades and that's not really helping either. And my cutting table was stacked mile-high with unfinished projects - see New Year's resolution: more finishes!

This turned out to be a good thing because my fabric selection is just this side of scrappy and I can use Amanda Jean's very nifty Zig Zag quilt without the pesky triangles tutorial. This will save me a lot of time and tediousness and I am quite pleased with myself, seeing how my procrastinating paid off.

That leaves me with so much more time to ponder a title.


orchidlover said...

Love how that quilt is put together. I'll be interested in how it works for you

Love and hugs Gina xx


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Dorothee said...

I'm upping to $450.
January 16, 2011 12:31 AM

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