4 June 2010

Vague Heart - finished

Oh boy, that was a process! Inspired by Kristin La Flamme's piece "Houses" and on the occasion of the wedding of my dear friend and his partner of 15 years, I wanted something kitsch and dramatic yet indivudual and stylish. I'm not sure I pulled it off entirely but I like the end result. And they did too.

The piece started off with the heart and then I felt it needed a "tag line" - hence the "LOVe is eteRnAl" (their initials are R and A) and the letters are all the same height).

But then it looked naff and slightly boring in a pretentious sort of way. So I added the beading at the top of the heart.

But then the beading looked disconnected from the fabric and the heart shape and the whole thing really, so I added a few little circles of beads. And by that time I was very, very tired and it was the night before the big party.

Still I felt it was finished! That's always a difficult point for me to reach and hold on to. But here it is ...

and they loved it. I want to believe that they saw how much of me I poured into this for them.

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