7 June 2010

Finished and photographed: Caroline's Objects

The weather was lovely today so I interrupted work for a moment to snap photos.

I am a bit ambivalent about this quilt, probably because I worry how it will be received. This is one of my main "faults": I invest a lot of time and thought and love into a piece and find it hard to (1) let it go and (2) present it believing that the recipient will like it.

At the end, mercifully, they at least all act like they do!

Hubby says this is his favourite, is the recipient worthy? Well, if she does not like it, I can always ask for it back and give it to him, can't I? After all, they both share a shoe fetish!

For more photos, go here: Caroline's Objects on Flickr.

1 comment:

D'Anne said...

I think it looks awesome! I would be thrilled if it was my gift so I am sure they will truly love it. Job well done!!