2 June 2010

Materials & Progress

This was quite a ride so far. Kristin Laflamme inspired me to do this somewhat kitsch-ey piece for my gay friends who will be celebrating their marriage this upcoming Friday.

One groom has been my friend for half my life and I am incredibly proud of them and their relationship. It is inspiring and amazing to see how they evolve and develop as a couple and also individually.

The heart had been sewn to an old towel, washed and tumble-dried for the rayed effect. Once detached from the towel, I glued it to the canvas using (a bit too much) spray-on glue.

Using a quilting needle, I appliqued the heart to the canvas, which worked remarkably well.

Then I transfered the words to see-through paper and stitched through that and the canvas using the same grey thread I used to applique the heart. I only need to do two more letters in a contrasting colour.

And I am very relieved with how well this has progressed so far!

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