2 March 2009

Next Projects

Tomorrow my sewing machine will return from its week at the "spa" (aka repair shop), I am planning my next projects (instead of working ...)

1.) A quickie baby quilt for Lucia, my third "quilt in a day". Lucia is the second child of our Argentine-Italian-Spanish friends living in London: white fleece bound in white-ish left-overs of my Moda Quilt Pink stash plus a few circles in darker colours from the same range, one to incorporate an "L". I will time the time spent on this and we shall see whether this is the quickest project yet.

2.) A plane pillow for Theo, little bro to Harrison of the Dragon Quilt. Theo is not my godson but because I started making things for non-godchildren, I figured that he needed something of his own as well. It'll be based on Sky Dreams

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