14 March 2009

Almost looks like it's finished.

Time elapsed: 3 hours

I cut the piece of fleece from a larger blanket that had rounded corners and used the one corner as a guidance for the other three

While bias binding works wonderfully on round corners, I'm not sure I'm really keen on the whole process. Cutting on the bias - or any kind of rotary cutting - is a drag, really, and I get frustrated with myself quite quickly.

But once the whole thing was assembled and ironed (no less than four (that's 4! for those who know how little I enjoy ironing), I just clipped it to the fleece using my nifty binding clips. Then I whipped around the blanket using a zig-zag stitch and I was done! Yay! I got the encouragement from Malka and her blue coasters, thanks Malka!

Now, I'm adding three circles cut from the darker pink fabric. Then Ill piece an "L" to the largest one to personalise it for its recipient.

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