14 January 2009

Sampler progress

I am so pleased with how this is turning out!

When I signed up for my quilting class in 2002 I was told to purchase fabric, preferrably cotton, one solid, one larger pattern, one smaller pattern. I knew I wanted to make something for my girl, who was three months old at the time. So I chose yellow, red and blue - they will always say "childhood" to me. Also I had all these ideas of how I was never going to cave to the pinkness of having a daughter. She has blue eyes and blues, reds and greens look lovely on her ...

For years since, I have doubted my choice in colour but not any more. With Amanda Jean's binding tutorial and the light blue bias binding plus the reduced size ... it's working really well. And reminding me of when I first started quilting and parenting. And of living where I loved living, in Manchester in the Northwest of England. My girls will have a little slice of my nostalgia to play with and I am excited about that because one day they will understand the symbolism. Already they are very appreciative of the things I make for them.

What's more, I noticed how much work I had poured into the top that laid neglected for five years or more. It was all done using paper piecing and all the corners line up perfectly.

So off to do a last clean-up of the day and onto adding the binding to the second play quilt.

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