19 January 2009

My Pledge for 2009

I will not buy any fabric this year!

My stash is over-flowing with material for projects and I have plenty for several quilts. Also, I'm hoping this will keep me from wasting time on cruising fabric shops and battling the Urge to Purchase.

I might even find enough for a give-away ... we shall see!

Posted are the latest two instalments for my stash, both purchased in late 2008.

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Dorothee said...

So far I am doing really quite well. I've managed to exercise self-control on more than one occasion when I loaded fabric into my virtual shopping cart and then left without actually ordering.

My attempt at purchasing thread was foiled too ... the colours on offer that I liked were the ones I already oned.

I did however purchase a thread and bobbin organiser. But technically that isn't covered by my pledge ;-)