25 January 2009

My Holiday Project

I've decided on my holiday project - as mentioned earlier. It's a heavily Asian-inspired Bassetti GranFoulard panel that I will turn into a lap quilt for my godmother. I'll take it on our week-long skiing holiday next month, where I will nit ski but quilt and read - so technically not a skiing holiday at all.

She'll turn 75 in April 2011 (yes, I'm ahead of schedule for once) and lived in Japan in the 1960ies. Her son was the first westerner ever born in the town where they lived. Last year, she spent seven weeks at my parents', nursing my mum back to health after a very serious fall. Thankfully, my mum is without lasting damage after a fall that usually kills 30% of her peers and leaves the majority of the survivours with substantial handicaps.

The project: I will trim off the blue border and use that for binding. After sandwiching, I will hand-quilt to bring out some design-aspects of the top. I might even attach one side of the binding before we leave so that I can finish the whole thing. That'd be awesome.

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