29 November 2007


I have two:
"Old Year Resolution" - I am determined to organise my rather large bookshelf in the lounge. It hosts the majority of my "library" plus silver frames and vases. When we moved in, the packers simply shoved any and all books they could find onto the shelves as they took them out of the boxes and the books have remained in that disorder ever since.

Usually, I separate cook books from travel guides, biographies, and "coffee table books" and group each lot together. Then I alphabetise the rest. Sounds like a horrendous amount of work but actually isn't all that bad.

And I am planning to have that done by the end of the year, meaning ideally December 29 because we'll have guests from December 30 into the New Year.

"New Year Resolution" - a gratitude journal with minimum one entry per day. A few days ago, I bought Park Avenue, a magazine featuring interviews of celebrities. It came with a neat little black diary, which gave me the idea. My plan is to keep this in the drawer of my nightstand together with a pen and make my entry before I switch off the lights. So much to be grateful for ... I'd like to be able to look back on all those little things to stop them slipping from my consciousness.

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Michele said...

I love the idea of a gratitude journal. Thanks for sharing!