1 November 2007

Finishing an UFO

I started this little thing (for the lack of a better word) about five years ago.

The binding is raw silk, part of the loot I made on ebay about three years ago ... and I will take this little piece off to the framer to have it framed. Only thing I need to find is a spot to hang it, probably the guest room.

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Grace said...

Hi! What a fun blog! You left me a comment in my flickr last week about my quilt scrapbook. In answer to your question, I use a PVA acid free glue (because it dries pretty fast, and more importantly, because I already had a bottle) and the book is actually an artist's sketchbook. I think the pages are acid-free cotton, but I'm not actually sure. Like the PVA, I just had it lying around. If I was going to start from scratch and go buy something, I would certainly make sure the pages were acid-free AND cotton/linen/rag/alpha cellulose, not wood pulp, and I think I would choose something spiral bound, because I know it's going to get thick over time with all the added inserts!

Happy quilting! :D