12 November 2007

I did the math and something stupid

Calling all Readers for Help!

It would seem that my iron is now full of the gluey gunk from ironing Vlieseline (German version of wonderunder, it appears) ... sigh and I need to find a way to remove it. Any ideas?

Also, I have done measurements and maths and found that I need to do a staggering 158 prairie points for the Dragon Quilt. Man, it'd better be appreciated!

Which leads me pretty directly to my next challenge: the backing will be fleece. And that is prone to wrinkling ... I plan on making a frame of sorts for the fleece in order to stabilise it. Then I remembered reading something about starch to stabilise stretchy fabrics. Has anyone ever tried that? I'm mainly worried about getting it washed out again after ...

And I think I must make something else for my other godchild just to level the playing field.


kimberlym said...

I did a search and found this website (blog): http://1ststeptosewingsuccess.blogspot.com/2007_01_01_archive.html if you scroll down it has some suggestions. I am looking forward to seeing the finished dragon quilt!

Dorothee said...

Found it: How to remove fusible gunk, only problem being that I am in Germany and most of these products aren't available here :-(

madhatter said...

if your iron has a steal sole you may try it with "scheuermilch" and paper towels (of course on your cool iron!) - most inexpensive solution, but this will not work with teflon soles.

in that case i have heard that you can heat the iron, take a candle, put some wax on the stains and then iron the wax off on some paper towels - the wax will take the stains away.

never tried the latter method, as my iron has a steel sole, but the first one works well for me.

Anonymous said...

Hello - I`m from Bavaria and as it happens just an hour ago I had to go through my routine "clean up the sticky mess" on the iron sole. This is how we do it : set the iron on low. Than use a candle (preferably a white one) and run it over the sole. Be cautious because it melts away like wax (ha ha!). After you have covered the sole, run it over a cotton rag or so to remove all the wax. If it got into steam holes, clean them with swabs or a tiny brush. If there is still stuff on the sole, wrap a blunt tool in a rag and carefully scrape it off. It should come off very easy. I personally bought a cheap iron for those jobs. Hope it works for you !! Lots of greetings from the snowy Alps, Barbara