29 January 2012

Twoo Hoot: First finished top of 2012

Auditioning binding

To get out of my sewing funk, I went straight to my newest purchase of 3 charm packs of an owl-ey fabric .. all different colours, all different motifs, all the same size.

Usually, I then set about planning and pinning on my design wall to make sure that colour distribution is just so and drive myself crazy in the process. This time, I divided the charms into three piles by value: dark, medium, light and then counted. Drats, some large, some small piles ... so I divvied up the medium and ended up with two similar ones and then paired a light and a dark one each. Making strips of eight charms each, always beginning with light, then dark, then light ... I then attached the strips, one row starting with light, the next with dark. I paid very little attention to which pairs went where, only taking care to not have the same design in the same direction neighbouring each other.

That was way out of my controller comfort zone. But it was fun and fast. Now I am auditioning binding in a bid to avoid looking for backing in my stash ...

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