17 January 2012

Resolved to sew: Resolution 2012 and a give-away

Ever since I completely failed at my resolution of not buying any fabric during a particular year (I bought even more than usual, so the fail was epic), I have stayed away from NY resolutions for my quilting endeavours. This year however, I will attempt to make as much from stash - and there is a lot of that, believe you me - as I can. There is a vague list in my head of quilts I want to make so let's see if I get around to them:

- quilt for C's bestie mate
- quilt for my bestie mate (her daughter already has two)
- finish my Night on the Tiles in Manchester

Everything else will be a bonus and I will be happy if I get additional projects to the pre-binding stage.

Seeing how I want to mainly work from stash, I might as well attempt to add to it by winning a give-away called "Resolved to Sew 2012 at Very Berry Made. Click on the link to see what is to be had!

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