15 May 2011

Blogger Quilt Festival 2011: my entry

Front Binding detail

Back Perspective

I just recently finished this quilt for my father. It is made of 100% stash fabrics, a lot of them scraps from previous projects and material from two of his dress shirts. The binding once was a blouse. The pattern follows the fantastic
no-triangle zig zag tutorial by AmandaJean of CrazyMomQuilts.

I loved making this quilt for its simplicity and muted palette. Whenever I make a quilt for someone, I spend a lot of time thinking about them and our relationship and it helps me feel connected.

Needless to say, my dad was thrilled to receive this quilt and I get frequent reports from my mum about him using it.


Katie B. said...

Very nice! I love the idea of adding repurposed clothing to a quilt

Lauren P said...

I love your zig zag quilt! I want to make one soon!

Karen said...

There is something special about making a quilt for a family member. Love the idea that you used up so much of your own fabric. It looks great.

Eileen said...

What a great quilt and story. Great fabrics and like the inclusion of your dad's shirts! Thanks for sharing and have a great day