2 May 2011

Another finish - almost

Digging through my sewing room ... First attempt at a proper binding finish P1020176

After I spent way too much time clearing out my sewing room and sorting a lot of things - down to my needles and beads - I set about finishing the quilt I made for my godmother's 75th birthday. One of her nicknames is "Hex'" (translates to witch) which is a rather apt choice for her personality. However where there is shadow, there's also light and if nothing else, she is devoted to her (extensive) family, sometimes to the point of disloyalty to her own cause. Three years ago, my mother, her little sister, had a near-fatal fall and my godmother dropped everything to rush to my mother's bedside, nursing her back to health for over ten weeks as well as running the household and tending to my dad. I am eternally grateful to her for this because I would not have known what else to do if it had not been for her.

Though a bit late, the quilt will make its journey to her at the end of the week. She spent well over a decade in Japan and while the pattern isn't exactly Japanese it is Asian and I am hoping that the colour will bring some light and enjoyment to her days.

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