6 February 2011

Eternity is finished - yay!

Me and my Cowl!

Finally, I'm done but not without a few mishaps. First of all, I really struggled with the instructions going from rib to regular so I reversed the order. No issues there. But then I have never been really good at casting on so I ended up with a lot, and I mean a LOT, extra stitches (4). And finally, I ran out of yarn during cast off (1) so had to frog that part and re-do it because I didn't have yarn that matched (2) and was too cheap to get another skein. So there you go: adventures in knitting!

1.) Ran out of yarn during cast-off! 2.) Auditioning a replacement ...
3.) Doesn't match 4.) Finished

But I LOVE it and the Rowan Lima yarn is just delicious to work with and wear! I think I might do another one - albeit with less stitches.

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