22 October 2008

Downsizing my life

I have become increasingly aware that I am nearing a complete burn-out and need to re-assess my current life situation. The stress I submit myself to is affecting both my physical and mental health at a rate that I can no longer justify.

This along with a down-turn in the economy is increasingly motivating me to cocoon and use up what is there - to stash-bust. Quilting and crocheting have proven to be therapeutic to me in the past and I will try to focus more on those.

I am hoping that making things will help me get in touch with my feelings for the people that I make them for and also give me a much needed sense of accomplishing and connecting.

Looking forward to going through this, I am hoping (see? all that hope?) for more clarity in terms of how I want to shape my life going forward with it.

Could this be a mid-life crisis? After all, I will be 40 next spring ;-) Maybe not so much this but the end of the baby phase in my life and the sudden realisation that if I don't actively shape my life, no one will.

In the spirit of making: I'll attempt this to use up my left-overs from Hannah's Christening Quilt: AmandaJean's Ragged Squares Quilt tutorial.

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Griselda said...

I know how you feel, this might be one of those times when nesting or moving into your cave is a call from spirit just to take care of yourself. Counting your blessings and using what you have to create is such a great idea, but aside from that, when I feel the way you do, I try to create a bit of quiet time for myself to contemplate or write on a journal (not a blog) those feelings I have or simply whatever comes to my head. In the book The Artist Way, Julia Cameron, the author calls forth our ability to tap into the inner counselor, and she recommends 2 or 3 pages every morning...they are like a miracle in that you realize that in the middle of that "dark night of the soul" is the seed of light and creativity and it will show up eventually if you give it a voice. I hope you find your answers, being gentle with yourself. All my best. Griselda