19 August 2008

Rotary Cutter Question

I'm in the process of cutting fabric for a new quilt and thought I'd be a good girl for once, using my cutting mat, rotary cutter and ruler. But it is driving me to despair because my blade is so dull.

My question is how often do you renew your blades? One per project?


Kim West said...

I probably use a rotary blade every couple of projects. I change when they become dull; when I have to almost force the blade to cut. I also keep a supply of blades on hand in my tackle box, so no matter where I am (home or away) I can change it. I use both the 45 mm and the 60 mm sizes, but lately I have preferred the 60 mm size for my cutting.

distelfliege said...


I used one blade for a while, that means 3 Quilts and some small projects in between, when I had to change it. It had become really dull.
After that I bought a second rotary cutter, and I use both - so I think each one will last longer.
I had used the first blade for too long. If the blade becomes dull, that's bad for the mat - you can see that little fabric fibres are sticking in the cuts in the mat, so the cuts don't close any more.
I think it's better to change blades than to change mats, the mats are more expensive ;)

Carol E. said...

I change them when they start to feel dull and when they leave little threads connected here and there. When I change the blade I am in heaven and wonder why I waited. I buy my blades from sewingpalace (dot) com. They are $12.95 for a package of five blades. Not bad, and shipping is free. So I try to always have some on hand.

paula, the quilter said...

I use a blade until it gets a bit dull for fabric. Then I'll swap it out for a new one. The dull one then goes into a different rotary cutter that I keep for only paper. HTH.