4 December 2006

Ironing - German Style

In Germany, if you are a good housekeeper, you send your sheets and table linens away to be ironed. Usually, dry cleaners will accept your linens and steam press them on large contraptions. Much cheaper than having them ironed by hand and much less stressful that ironing them yourself.

This is what they use:

Per sheet, I pay approx $1,20 and get smooth crisp linen, lovely! It's difficult to find these places these days because it's staff intensive work. But sooo worth it.


Anonymous said...

I haven't pressed sheets since my childhood at my gran's. She always wanted her teatowels and sheets pressed -- the sheets with the center fold lightly pressed as well so she could easily lay them on the bed....

Helen said...

Hi Dorothee

What an amazing-looking ironing machine. We don't iron sheets here in New Zealand because most people use polyester/cotton sheets and just fold them. In fact I hate ironing and I buy clothes that don't need ironing! I don't even wash my new fabric because it will need ironing! I used to iron my pillow cases but I have even given up on that. They get crumpled the first time I sleep on them. I do iron when I am quilting though, and the iron and ironing board is permanently up in my sewing area.

I'm glad you found your lost fabric.

kristin La Flamme said...

I think there's one of these places next door to my son's music lessons. The sign says something about a "manglerei" or something simmilar.