9 July 2006

How to square it off ...?

So, I've machined all those 35 blocks and now the difficult part begins ... the squaring and the assembling ... in the right order ... which brings us to this:

I decided against this ... mainly because of the very blood red squares top of the centre, so I moved them to the corner:

So there are 32 blocks placed and one lesson learned: a pattern revolving around quarters is no good for 35 blocks (35 aka 5 times 7). Sigh.

Which takes us to the next level: how to square off ... do I? Do I need to? And if I need to, how? I've never done before. I'm a bit baffled and apprehensive. Sigh.


quiltpixie said...

why is it our math teachers never said "leanr this, you'll need it for quilting"?

Mrs. Moody said...

I wouldn't square it off at all. I really like it that way (rectangle).

ForestJane said...

Press them all nice and flat first. Then, if you know what size they're supposed to be, you can take a rotary cutter and ruler and just make sure they're really that size.

Since your blocks don't have points or triangles to worry about, if you find them to be consistently smaller than what they should be, just trim them to the same size.

And, Yes, it is very important not to skip this step. If they're all just 1/8 inch too big in one direction, by the time you've sewn 8 of them together, you're off a whole inch.