28 July 2006

Happily squaring away

... is what I'm up to. I've grabbed my cutting mat, my rotary cutter and my ruler with its little gripper spotty thingies underneath and am squaring away. Naturally, my heart bleeds at having to discard the cut-offs, but really, there is no point in saving 5 mm slim scraps, is there?

Now, I'm debating additional fabrics for the backing and the edge. I'm probably going to go with some small dotty fabric, irregular tiny flowers or something, plus checkers for the backing but in pastels please. That'll be fun to find.

I had hoped to swing by our local fabric retailer but my boss threw me a curb ball by setting up an appointment in the office. I had planned on working frmo home and running some errands ... but ey, at least I got my contract extended. So it was worth it.


Linda_J said...

Only you can decide when a piece gets too small to play with anymore. 5mm would be it and for me 1 1/2 inches.

Sorry that the work from home isn't in the cards today.

quiltpixie said...

maybe you could save the scraps for confetti quilting??? :-)

Mrs. Moody said...

Yea for extended contracts! Means more ability to go shopping! ;)

ForestJane said...


I think you originally meant a curve ball, but I think I like the visual image of a curb ball better!

I'm like that too about trimming - I kept looking at all the little bits I was cutting off thinking, "Would I REALLY ever use this if I saved it?"