19 February 2006

Show and Tell Sunday

Last night I finished hand-quilting the lap quilt for my mum. D day is next Friday, which means I need to be done Thursday night. The fact that I am out Tuesday and Thursday nights isn't really helping. Oh well.

The reverse, complete with label saying "Especially for you, with Love from Dorothee"

Now it just needs to be machine-quilted in swirls. This by the way is my first attempt at machine quilting, dating back to March 1995. And no, I've not practised since :-(

It's a doll quilt made of left-overs passed down to me from a class-mate from my first quilting class in Manchester. The colour scheme will give anyone a head-ache. But the pink organza on top of the yellow and pink fabric complete with hippos worked quite well and gave me something to quilt around.

And then, this is my next project: Remember all those shirts I collected? I will make them into a bed spread using this squared square. It's a mathematical mystery showing the minimum number and size of squares needed to form a bigger square.

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Brit said...

wow that looks great!!!