20 February 2006

Getting way ahead of myself

All this reading of blogs and seeing how fast some of those quilters work got me motivated. Well, their speed and the sudden realisation, that quilting is not a spectator sport, at least not when it should be fun. So, in that spirit, this is the general lay-out idea for that "quadrature" quilt:

I will use up some of the old shirts my husband donated, the central section being the darkest, the top the lightest and the bottom the "mid" selection. The back will be all white but mirror the front design. I think I'll either quilt in the ditch or a few mm from the seams.

In addition to that I'll need a "hand" project, something to do when sitting on the sofa. This will probably be a baby quilt using the African animals and matching fabric I already have.


Angela said...

This is just a fantastic idea. I can't wait to see your progress on this as it goes.

Samantha said...

Thatlooks like it will be fun!