11 September 2005

How to make an American Quilt

This is what my quilting has been reduced to recently: telly! But at least the theme was spot-on! I had read the book eons ago and didn't really warm to it at all. Now I came across the dvd at a very good price on Amazon so I thought I'd get it. Well, the story's still kinda flat but I liked the sections on quilting, the process, the old lady's lecture on composition and the dynamics of the quilting bee. Too bad we don't have that here!


Anonymous said...

I read a book written by the woman who made the quilts that appeared in that movie. She was writing about the experience of being the film's 'quilt consultant.' She said she saw the film once at a showing at a quilt guild. She said it was quite amusing that the entire room full of quilters kind of moaned in unison near the end of the movie when Winona runs outside with the quilt around her shoulders dragging it on the ground.

handmade quilting gal said...

There are two things I liked about this movie: Winona Ryder is in it and it's story centers on quilting. Now...there are two things I like about this blog: the blog writer is a talented quilter and I enjoy reading your post. Good luck to you!