12 April 2012

Helena the Great

Helena is a great kid and dearest friend of my elder daughter. She's proud and headstrong and sweet and loyal and all-around wonderful. So when it transpired that her family were moving to a new house, I asked my girl if she wanted me to make a quilt for her very bestest of best friends ... silly question, mummy, of course! So here it is:
Helena the Great - top
Sadly not such a great effort at photography ...
Vital Statistics:
Kona Solid and Kaufman fabrics
Freudenberg wadding
G├╝termann and Aurifil threads
100 * 170 cm in size
Cut with Go-Baby
machine pieced and quilted
lots of fun making it
perfect match to the accent wall in recipient's room - wall was painted the day the quilt was gifted.

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