14 August 2011

Best laid plans ....

had me doing a large recap of the Festival of Quilts ... but I cannot seem to find the energy or time for it. So I'll just show my high-lights:

- loved the multi media quilts such as this one:
Letter Landscape
- became ever more determined to do one of those:
unknown - Union Jack made from all Kaffe fabrics
- was (and still am) intrigued by this one:
Stars & Hexagons
- changed my mind about appliqué:
Tentmakers of Cairo - amazing appliqué
- adored everything about the Twelve by 12 show:
Twelve by 12
- grew ever more eager for the "Army Wife" series by Kristin la Flamme:
Beyond Comfort, Kristin La Flamme's Aprons from her Army Wife series

Now I am drowning in ideas .... and will definitely go again! For more, go here: Festival of Quilts 2011 Flickr Set

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