10 November 2008

Finished and ready to be shipped

Yay, my "quilt in a day" is finished! It'll be shipped this week and I'm quite pleased with it.

I learned to not scrimp on backing fabric!

Now onto the list of upcoming projects:
1.) PIF - not done yet, sorry
2.) Coasters - not done either ... but then there's always Christmas
3.) Stashbuster Quilt for my God-Daughter, well, sort of: used some of the the fabric and finished the quilt -> the rest will be turned into the ragged squares quilt.
4.) 2 quilts in a day for new babies: finished no 1, working on No 2
5.) a Big Zig quilt, based on Denyse Schmidt's pattern for yet another baby: on the backburner
6.) a long-term project: my first and only sampler quilt was meant for my first-born and to be ready when she starts school. She's in second grade and the thing still looks the way it did in November 2003. Yikes. I have plans to rework it and finish it off eventually. I will not hand-quilt and it will not be the size shown in that post dated January 2005.
7.) A Night on the Tiles in Manchester: started.
8.) Crocheting Madness

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